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Job Description

Enterprise Architect

Location: Lansing, Michigan.
Experience: 10+ years
Track: Engineering
Practice: Application Development

About Us:
Job Description:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Reviews, provides input and approves the technical platform architecture and data architecture
  • Responsible to define and oversee implementation of production environments required to support the product
  • Responsible to review and approve understand key technical processes, standards and software architectures used to develop, implement and support.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to work in a semi-structured environment where requirements and priorities are dynamic. With experience with agile development methodology.
  • Understanding Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). Analysis and redesign of workflows in an organization to optimize business processes as it related delivering software faster and at lower cost
  • Conversant and able to use at least 4 programming languages.
  • At least 5 years as solution architect & 3 years as principal Engineer / SDE as well as 3 years as application lead.
  • Extensive knowledge designing REST/JSON interfaces.
  • Extensive experiencing designing and implementing complex schema. And refactoring complex schema.
  • J2EE and related stack including EJB and web servers. Solid Java development skills with 7+ years J2EE experience.
  • Expert in Shared nothing and other web scale architecture.
  • Experience designing and maintaining large scale batch processing systems.
  • Expert in high performance javascript for RIA
  • Expert in parsing and transform using languages like Python.
  • Experience with large scale transform and analyze using tools like Hadoop, Spark, Map reduce.
  • Working with Dev teams to deliver touch zero change binary deployments. Continuous Integration tools, Jenkins Administration, Jenkins Docker as well as Jenkins HA skills.
  • Resolve complex problems with Merging, Branching and Configuration Management of SCM system
  • Database migration scripting. And Database dice & slice scripting
  • Database strategy to deploy breaking changes with minimum disruption.
  • Written parser for files of complexity equal or greater than EDI 834 in at least 2 different languages.
  • Object-oriented and service-oriented design concepts, including knowledge of data transfer objects and associated design patterns.

Highly Hesired Qualifications:

  • At least 5 years as Principal Architect or Enterprise Architect
  • Has written at least 20,000 lines of code during last year
  • Has non trivial open source projects where they have contributed over 5,000 lines of code
  • Extensive experience using queues like Kafka to decouple complex distributed systems.
  • Extensive experience solving performance problems in complex distributed systems.
  • Extensive experience deploying applications in public cloud infrastructure.
  • as built complex general purpose engines in at least 2 different languages.
  • Securing web API using Open ID or other SSO technologies.
  • 4+ years’ experience in SQL and Oracle. Understands and can explain when transactional semantics will limit scalability in large scale distributed systems.
  • Knowledge of UML.
  • Experience in Insurance Domain, Claims processing Domain, Inventory Control or Audit Domains, HIPAA and PCI security Domain.
  • Experience with Webscale technologies such as Kafka, Memcache, Riak, AWS, Shared nothing architectures
  • Experience building and deploying software onto AWS or Openstack using Chef, Docker or similar technologies.
  • When using libraries such as J2EE Soap need to understand and verbalize how this works through the entire stack and how it could be implemented from the ground up.
  • Experience writing complex general purpose algorithms such as databases, machine learning engines, parsers, etc.
  • Experience with Test Driven Design (TDD) methodology.
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology knowledge and experience.
  • Experience with Web Logic Portal technology.
  • Good understanding and ability to explain ROI tradeoff between System API integration tests and Unit tests and how they would make such a decision in a budget constrained environment.
  • Good understanding of junit testing and continuous integration environment.
  • Experience with Java Message Service (JMS) and Message Driven Bean (MDB) development is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of developing and deploying applications in Weblogic portal environment.
  • Understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and experience working with web services.
  • RDBMS schema refactoring experience with experience releasing breaking changes to prod with minimal downtime.
  • Experience in the insurance industry, specifically with the healthcare industry.
  • Recent experience with Oracle Weblogic 10.3.x or greater.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or a related field or comparable work experience.


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