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Return to Work and the Future of the Contactless Building

With an array of solutions to get the world back to work, Clovity protects people and places in the times of pandemic and beyond

Protected Places and Protected People is a succinct offering of touchless, AI-powered and Smart Sensing technology solutions to ensure enterprises and cities can get back to normal while adding solutions to benefit their bottom line for the years to come.

While things will take a while to get back to normal, the goal is to make the transition as seamless and secure as possible. With solutions for thermal screening, real-time incident or compliance alerts, Track & Trace, touchless elevators and security kiosk, restricted area management, social distancing, cleaning management, and occupancy tracking, Clovity provides the tools to safely and efficiently respond to dynamic times. On top of protecting this crucial transition, our clients can be ensured long term value with additional add-on solutions for facial recognition, security, attendance management, image processing, infrastructure monitoring, and building optimization to better adapt in the future.


Protected Places


Thermal - Covid

In response to Covid-19 and other biological pathogens, it has become imperative to implement temperature screenings to reduce the risk of infected persons entering a given enclosed area. Our Smart Thermal solution, powered by a sophisticated AI, has the capability to determine potential carriers for further in-depth screening. Mobile or fixed, Clovity and its partners have the right solution for every scenario to ensure places are protected from potential carriers. With an accuracy of +/- .5 degrees, it easily meets FDA requirements for temperature sensing. Once a high body temperature is detected, triggers and actions can be initiated to quarantine, re-test, and remediate infection danger to the larger public in the building or area. Click Here to know more!


Haptic-enabled Touchless Entry & Access

Groundbreaking innovation has been underway to reduce high traffic intersection points in a given area. Elevator pads and security kiosks are a permanent fixture of the corporate and government infrastructure. Imagine a way to remove unnecessary focal points for infection by enabling seamless interaction without the need for physical touch. Create the office of the future through easily deployed next-generation interfaces that creates safety for the modern era.


Facial Recognition - BAU

Attendance Management- BAU

The longevity and value that is derived from an IoT solution is its capability to produce value for the long term. By including facial recognition alongside our thermal solution, attendance management can be done with eaze. Whether it is a large office building or factory floor, the utilization of facial recognition can readily assist with verification of attendance and duration for every person onsite.

Security (Entrance Restriction) - BAU/Covid

Security is often of utmost concern to companies and management operations. By deploying AI facial recognition, unauthorized individuals entering a space can be actively flagged or completely barred entry while allowing the free flow of authorized personnel at entrances and exits. If someone is detected of having an abnormally high body temperature, they can be barred from entering as well.

Image Processing - BAU/Covid

A Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can allow for a centralized repository of all collected data assigned to a specific contact. Facial recognition, path tracing, area accessibility, and many other things can all be stored in an individual’s profile. This type of solution can be utilized for unique times as a pandemic, or in general for numerous solutions adding to the streamlining of daily routines.


Real Time Alerts - Covid/BAU

Our real time alert features can cover both Covid-19 use cases as well as day to day operations. Monitoring thermal temperatures, soap/hand sanitizer levels, cleaning of high use traffic areas through heat mapping or Real Time Location Systems, social distancing verification, Track & Trace infection case alerts, security, HVAC or lighting management, crisis/disaster response, air quality monitoring, and a few others.


Protected People


Track & Trace - Covid

Track & Trace capabilities will be crucial if an area sees a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 or other biological pathogen. By utilizing an advanced ultrasound Real-Time Location System (Sonitor -mention optional), Clovity can effectively trace the steps and interactions that an individual has made utilizing wearable sensor technology. If a case has been found, automated alerts can go out to those potentially exposed.


Restricted Area - BAU/Covid

Restricted areas, using facial recognition at the entrance, can be used for security purposes as well as restricting access to someone recently being detected with an abnormally high body temperature. Badging and other touch-oriented entrance requirements can be done away with completely using active directories and facial recognition.


Social Distancing- Covid

Occupancy sensors can be deployed with thresholds built for each area. Automated alerts can be sent to personnel if that threshold is exceeded to enable remediation or automatically lock out new individuals entering into an area before others have left. Using AI and IoT, systems can monitor general distance, duration of improper distancing of individuals, group clustering, and more.


Occupancy - Covid/BAU

Occupancy sensors will help ensure that proper social distancing can be achieved consistently. If thresholds are broken, automated alerts can be sent to facilities or security personnel for correction. Incorporation of automated door locks can keep too many individuals from entering a designated area at one time until others have vacated the premises.


Cleaning Management & Reporting - Covid/BAU

By heat mapping areas of a building or location, IoT systems can quickly surmise the most used areas. Light switches, front door entrances, cafeterias, office equipment, water dispensers, and many more can be targeted by cleaning crews utilizing this system. Automated alerts can be set for time, amount of usage, or both. Instead of constantly cleaning all areas equally, greater time can be spent on the areas most likely to transmit pathogens to the largest number of people.


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