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Internet of Things Proposition

The Internet of Things is growing, and it is set to become a massive industry. From Manufacturing, to Retail, and Smart Cities there are innumerable IoT solutions to modern issues, and these technologies are transforming the way companies value success. Telecommunications companies are focusing on 5g in order to increase the bandwidth required for IoT, and places like Barcelona, Amsterdam, and San Francisco are redeveloping entire cities around the connected technology.


IoT and Connected Devices


Every solution utilizing IoT starts with a connected device. A point of connectivity that is the hub of interacting with physical sensors and sending crucial data back to the enterprise or other end points for utilization. Today’s devices can track movement, temperature, telemetry, pressure, voltage, location, electric current, vibration, collisions, and any number of other data points that a solution seeks to analyze.

To connect these devices back to a main focal point device called gateways, sensors utilize a number of frequencies to communicate. For further details about our IoT and Connected Devices Practice, please refer to our IoT Whitepaper.

IoT and Connected Devices



Once the data has left the sensors and traveled through the gateway, it is transmitted up to the Cloud. Here it is stored, analyzed, and aggregated for batch processing during nonpeak times when load on the system is lower. This is done for data that does not need to be processed in real time and will be there to provide further insight for Business Intelligence, Data Science, and numerous other business insights.

It is uncommon to find midsize to large businesses or cities that are not utilizing a cloud provider to store applications and or their enterprise data. For further details about our Cloud Practice, please refer to our IoT Whitepaper.


Big Data


Big Data has been a buzzword for several years now. However, in most cases, the data truly isn’t all that big. While it may look large, it takes massive, mature data lakes and tributaries to begin deriving true insight from businesses or organizations. Without having experts in data engineering, data can be difficult to access, suffer fragmented interoperability and become more of a burden than a benefit. Given the proper guidance and resources, this data can be transformed, allocated to the right areas and begin to be utilized by data scientists, analytics, and Business Intelligence groups alike.

A data pipeline is often broken down into 4 parts. First is Ingestion, or the collecting of needed data. For further details about our Big Data Practice, please refer to our IoT Whitepaper.

Big Data



None of the work accomplished in the first 3 pillars amount to anything without Pillar 4, a digital solution. This can be a visualization platform for analytic feedback or dashboard specialized for monitoring device readings and status. The key is to efficiently harness the data created and precisely display the information derived from the solution.

With custom built digital solutions, all new architecture can be designed to support existing enterprise technologies and thus fit the needs of cities or organizations like a glove. For further details about our Digital Practice, please refer to our IoT Whitepaper.


IoT Security


By adding thousands more possibly vulnerable endpoints to critical infrastructure, all connected back to major systems, security must be built in as part of the implementation and not as an afterthought to be added later. To ensure the robustness of these IoT deployments there are some crucial steps that need to be taken. By building these networks with a security mindset initially, there will be immensely greater protection that can be built in.

Unfortunately, at this point in there are several holes in security that need to be handled correctly to ensure the new safety of these massive connected networks. For further details about our IoT Security Practice, please refer to our IoT Whitepaper.

IoT Security

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