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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)/Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) at Clovity

Discover Our Diverse & Inclusive World

Clovity fervently believes in fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture that thrives on the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our human capital remains our most precious asset. The collective product of each individual’s unique experiences, skills, knowledge, innovative ideas, self-expression, specific capabilities and talent holds immense importance in enhancing our work culture, reputation and success. Being a diverse supplier, Clovity's approach to partnerships transcends conventional business interactions to embrace a shared journey of transformative collaboration..

Clovity's dedication to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our certifications and recognized achievements:

  • Certified MBE by Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC), the parent organization being National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Certified as a Minority Business by the Supplier Clearinghouse California
  • Recognized as a Minority-owned US Government Vendor by SAM
  • Certified MBE by State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP)
  • Recipient of the Fast American Asian Business Award from the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC) for 3 years in a row, from 2022 to 2024

Our Certificates & Awards


Impactful Partnerships: A Vision Shared by Bhawna Vats

Our Senior Director of DEI Engagement and Partnerships, Bhawna Vats, is the driving force behind Clovity’s robust partnerships and outreach. Under her guidance, Clovity has not only championed a diverse team internally but also embraced the very principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business dealings.

"In aligning our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) values with our partners and clients, we foster innovation and inclusivity. My engagement with diverse suppliers and our active participation in community-oriented programs amplify underrepresented voices and integrate their unique perspectives into the technology landscape”, Bhawna said.

Bhawna’s leadership has enabled Clovity to craft relationships that go beyond the superficial ties of commerce to forge alliances based on shared values and visions. This approach not only strengthens Clovity’s reputation as a diverse and inclusive leader but also becomes a powerful agent for change—pushing industries towards a more inclusive and equitable horizon. Through such partnerships, Bhawna is setting standards that create lasting impact in the world of technology and beyond. Clovity is owned by an Asian Pacific CEO, Anuj Sachdeva and we all have a long standing commitment here at Clovity towards making DEI an absolute priority. We make everyday efforts to make Diversity more and more embedded in our DNA – from employment to management, to sourcing and recruiting. Our internal program and Managers set expectations with the recruiting team to use diversity when it comes to finding talent. Those recruitment efforts have yielded a great jump in diverse candidates hires in the past 3 years.

Bhawna added, “Through this commitment to genuine partnerships, we not only deepen our DEI commitments but also contribute to constructing a technology sector that is equitable, varied, and rich in talent. It's about taking collective steps toward a future where diversity fuels our drive for innovation. Clovity has focused on diversity in 2 main areas: increasing the size of our diverse contractor candidate pool as well as nurturing other diversity organizations(subcontractors) through initiatives like Vendor CCC(Connect, Collaborate, Cultivate) Program. This program identifies, qualifies and develops diverse suppliers, supporting clients’ goals while providing a wider breadth of services and skill sets."

Bhawna Vats

Implementing DEI Across Clovity’s Operations

Clovity's role as a diverse supplier plays a critical part in shaping a future where diversity is not just respected but is considered fundamental to creating meaningful and impactful technological solutions. Clovity’s diversity initiatives extend to our practices and policies, influencing recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, professional development and training, promotions, transfers, social and recreational programs, layoffs, terminations, and more. We strive to create a work environment that is deeply rooted in gender and diversity equality.

We actively seek out partnerships with minority-owned businesses, ensuring our supply chain reflects our commitment to diversity. Our mentorship programs support underrepresented groups, fostering growth and leadership within the tech industry. Clovity's community outreach includes STEM education initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of diverse tech talent. By embracing DEI at every level, we drive innovation and build a stronger, more inclusive future.


Core Principles of Clovity’s Diversity and Inclusion Program

  • Fair treatment for all employees
  • Equal access to opportunities
  • Emphasis on teamwork and collaboration
  • Dedication to innovation and creativity
  • A balanced work/life through flexible work schedules
  • A flexible, responsive, and agile organizational structure
  • Collaborative conflict resolution processes
  • Leadership commitment towards diversity
  • Diversity promotion at all organizational levels
  • Diversity among internal and external stakeholders
  • Inclusion and diversity education and training

As a 100% Asian-Owned company operating primarily within the US and India, diversity is intrinsic to Clovity’s identity. Our workforce includes employees from 5 out of the 7 continents, symbolizing our success in creating a multi-cultural environment diversified with varied talents. We actively participate and contribute to a variety of diversity groups like Women in Tech, Blacks in Technology, Women in Games International, NMSDC Diversity Programs, The Asian American Architects and Engineers Association, and The American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Core Principles of Clovity’s
Visa Sponsorship Program

Clovity's Visa Sponsorship Program

At Clovity, we believe that embracing diversity includes supporting those who wish to join us from around the globe. Our Visa Sponsorship Program is a testament to this belief and plays a pivotal role in diversifying our talent pool. We go to great lengths, including taking on legal expenses, to ensure that international employees maintain stable work statuses. Beyond just sponsorship, Clovity is committed to assisting employees in the journey towards becoming naturalized citizens, offering a robust program for those seeking green cards or US citizenship status. This initiative reflects our global outlook and inclusive ethos, recognizing the value and innovation that come from a diverse and dynamic workforce.

Our cultural assimilation programs help employees integrate smoothly into both the company and the community. By investing in our global talent, we enhance our ability to deliver innovative solutions and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Clovity's Training and Advancement Program

Clovity’s dedication to continuous learning and growth culminates in our comprehensive Training and Advancement Program. This program is intricately designed to provide executive and technical training pathways to enhance the skills and career trajectories of our employees. We offer a multitude of tracks tailored to a variety of roles including:

  • Business Executive Training Track
  • Architectural Training Track
  • Tech Leader Training Track
  • Technical Expansion Track
  • Master’s Program Assistance
  • Certification Acquisition Track
  • Sales & Development Track
  • Tech Marketing Track
  • Human Resource Training Track
  • Employee-Selected Customized Learning & Development Track

These programs often encompass training sessions, mentorship opportunities, networking groups, and partial coverage for advanced education, enabling our employees not only to excel in their current roles but also to prepare for future challenges and positions. This initiative is inclusive of all employees, with a particular emphasis on ensuring diverse representation within these opportunities, aligning with our core principle of equal access to opportunities.

Clovity's Training and Advancement Program

Clovity's Procurement Standards

Clovity’s commitment to D&I extends to our procurement practices. We try our best to work with companies that have strong D&I programs. Nevertheless, meeting our client's needs remains our primary focus.

We hold ourselves and all our employees responsible for treating everyone with dignity and respect. Any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others attracts disciplinary action. Any employee who feels they have been a victim of discrimination can seek assistance from a supervisor or an HR representative. Our dedication towards fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion underscores every aspect of our business operations.

We also regularly review our supplier relationships to ensure alignment with our D&I values. Training programs for our procurement team emphasize the importance of selecting diverse suppliers and recognizing their contributions. Through these efforts, we aim to build a supply chain that mirrors the diversity and inclusivity we champion within Clovity.


Sustainability Initiatives

Clovity has been focused on delivering on our commitment to shrink our carbon footprint for over half of a decade now. The following are the different steps we are taking to ensure that our company does its part to stem global warming and reduce waste across all verticals. All partnerships Clovity enters into require their partners meet the prerequisite of being at the same level or having more sustainability standards than we have internally.

Clovity’s commitment to greenhouse emissions

  • While we have a number of offices in the US, we try to keep a minimal footprint and only lease what is necessary for business functions.
  • Clovity has espoused a Work From Home model since 2018 enabling its employees to work remotely a significant portion of the time to reduce car travel.
  • All client meetings, except crucial face to face visits, have been done through teleconferencing platforms since early 2018 saving airplane and car emission occuring during business travel.
  • Clovity offices are equipped with IoT technology to manage lighting usage and, where applicable, AC utilization as well to avoid unnecessary waste.
Clovity’s commitment to greenhouse emissions
Clovity’s commitment to our planet's limited resources

Clovity’s commitment to our planet's limited resources

  • Current mandates in place for the last 3 years have been to be 99% paperless. Only crucial documents that are required to be physical are printed.
  • As an IoT company, efficiency and company waste are our main targets not only internally but also providing solutions to our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. Fleet management, air quality detection, smart building management, manufacturing waste reduction, smart agriculture efficiency, and many more are solutions Clovity provides to some of the largest companies in the world.
  • Every IT project commenced by Clovity is done with sustainability in mind and with the goal of reducing the amount of waste that is created, whether through server farms energy usage to IoT sensor battery usage as well as replacement.
  • Clovity emphasizes public cloud utilization to help reduce reliance on individual server farms which is one of the biggest power consumers.
  • Most employee’s utilize their own laptops instead of creating further technological waste with a work and personal laptop.


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