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Smart Thermal

Easily Deployable Zero-Touch, AI Powered Smart Thermal Screening Solution

Fever is one of the most common early symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. Zero-touch thermal screening technology is being deployed as a way to detect or identify individuals whom are entering a designated area with an abnormally elevated body temperature.

Clovity, along with its partners, has launched a Smart Thermal Solution bundle including hardware (Smart Thermal Camera) and software (Clovity's CSensorNet Platform) pre-configured. Our Smart Thermal Camera and AI detection IoT solution can readily identify those entering a campus or building that are running an abnormally high body temperature. The current solution has an accuracy of +/- .5 degrees, exceeding FDA guidelines. By setting automated alerts to supervisors, the system will ensure prompt reaction to elevated body temperature scans and provide warnings of potential virus carriers entering the facility.


Smart Thermal Screening - Keeping Your Facilities Safe

As the world navigates unprecedented times in 2020, enterprises and businesses are going to have to rethink their approach to keeping their buildings, facilities and people safe. New Thermal Camera and AI detection IoT solutions can readily identify those entering a campus or building who are running an abnormally high temperature. By setting automated alerts to staff, the system will ensure a prompt reaction and thus help ensure pathogens cannot be spread easily to the wider population onsite. By identifying potential carriers quickly and sending them home to quarantine as well as recuperate, students, staff, visitors and faculty will be better equipped to respond to health crises and limit impact of viruses or other potential biological risks.


Key Benefits

  • Designed to test for elevated temperature.
  • Measurement distance is approximately 5 feet
  • Simple screening for safer communities
  • Helps businesses, institutions and venues easily screen for skin temperature
  • Non-contact / non-invasive screening
  • Easy to use and very effective
  • Automatically scans for a face in the camera's field of view
  • Takes facial temperature and provides a pass/fail signal
  • Reduces contact between personnel and those being screened
  • Quick evaluation time keeps lines moving quickly

Breeze through your Smart Thermal AI Implementation end-to-end in no time. To know more about our Smart Thermal AI Powered Proposition, Click Here!



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