Next Gen — Humanity trending into Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in the world of Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence is turning Virtual Reality into a world of Robotics connected by the IoT. The information highway, compute capacities and connectivity is strengthening communication and making a through translation. Artificial Reality will soon be able to offer second opinions and help assist laying out plans for unforeseen mistakes thereby bringing a sharp reduction in training and safety costs.

Without sounding like a clip for next Sci-fi, Body Suits, creating super human strength and microchip implants giving augmented abilities, will be able to create a new humanism. Super human brain power with exclusive genes will help in creating the most perfect human which has never been seen before. The Brain Machine Interface, is becoming a fast possibility and will change how humans interact by having a record of every interaction recorded as data. This will connect AI with VR creating Augmented Reality all possible to a robust, scalable, secure and a production level IoT platform. People will start to think twice about how they act and what they say to one another knowing every interaction becomes data. These Trans-humans will create a new behavior and culture in the future. More studying on Behavioral Science will need to be done because the future is still cloudy in Augmented Humanism.

Consumers can choose between convenience, happiness, efficiency, privacy are some of the topics amongst their top voting choices as people consider the benefit of this new possibility.

Let’s see how this is taking shape — Starting with the 5G network that will enable massive amounts of transferable data and once the 5G platform is established, efficient doors will open to combine new opportunities for devices, and also where software and hardware will meet on 5G. VR & AI will be able to run internal operations, supply chain management, and customer support with IoT. VR head mounted displays will be the first to become integrated in retail as well. The device will then explode like it has in the Professional Sports as well as in Training with VR devices and Health Care assisting in surgery. Look at the billion-dollar Fashion Industry, people will find themselves in 3D world of clothes. AI with Robotics will be another huge market that will be able to help companies decrease costs and be effective on delivery to the market. These changes will come with a price to humans having to be re-trained on future skills as well AI integrating itself in human culture to exist in everyday world. Also, the cost for a 5G platform has not been budgeted and devices and connectivity charges will continue to increase till platform is established.

These technologies will be extremely successful together, however, the question that stays is, how long will it be before the development platform for data and final expenses really starts building?

What will the consumer value most out of the AI, VR, and IoT connected market?

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