Atlassian Team’24: Recap & Insights. Can’t wait to attend the next one!!!

The Clovity team is just getting settled back home after a fun and informative week in Las Vegas for Atlassian’s Team 24 global conference. This event brings Atlassian’s top customers, solution partners, marketplace application/plug-in creators, Agile enthusiasts, a large portion of the Atlassian team, Atlassian leadership and so much more. Coming for our first time, we were blown away by the overall quality and care that goes into one of these events.

The first thing that stands out is Atlassian’s ability to maintain its unique personality that permeates everything that they do. From the incredible people that they have working for them to the uniquely genuine co-CEOs and leadership team, it is clear that there is a thread of realness that runs through every part of the organization, creating a fun and casual environment that is still business minded. We have to compliment them on this as many companies and conferences aren’t able to come close to producing this overall inclusivity feeling. Including their ability to throw a rather bad-ass end of conference bash that didn’t disappoint.

I believe this same grounding perspective has driven a lot of their recent advancements. While Atlassian is not new to AI, their current strategy around the employment of Atlassian Intelligence is one that should be noticed. AI-human enablement and collaboration enhances team’s capabilities while keeping full control of the actions in the hands of the user. Think more like assistant or admin filtering out the minutia so you can focus on the critical task at hand versus robot overlords coming for your job.

With the introduction of Rovo, a unified AI search for all of the Atlassian ecosystem and more, organizations can now use this powerful feature to find information wherever it is stored. From Jira Service Management tickets to Jira bug reports, Slack messages to Google docs, Rovo can find information wherever it is stored. Using advanced Natural Language Processing technology, searches can be even more effective by not needing exact keywords to find the information that is being searched for. Furthermore, embedded in all of the products with AI is the ability to train this NLP based on your own company’s nomenclature ensuring that no internal reference is ever misunderstood.

Additionally, the announcement of Guard bring enhanced security and monitoring to Atlassian’s SSO tool Access. Intelligent monitoring, customizable policies, and advanced threat protection are just a few of the new security features that will come with powerful security layer for their products.

Even with all of the buzz around AI, there was no shortage of a focus on ITSM and Jira Service Management. With new enhancements of Atlassian Intelligence to the product, JSM has become a powerhouse for those looking to enhance their service management capabilities, IT or non-IT. Using these new features, you can filter out alerts and triage, sort or identify ticket trends, use AI powered Virtual Agents to work on Help Desk requests, and even the ability to create a non-IT baseline service desk portal with just a few sentences describing what is required. As a company we are most excited about revolutionizing service management for enterprises and public sectors alike in the non-IT space creating streamlined workflows that will make complex organizations seamless. It is time to bring the efficiencies we are seeing in IT to everyone else and eliminate friction in complex workflows regardless of the department or function.

What was most apparent was Atlassian’s push to a fully actualized ecosystem. While their products have always played nicely with each other, this year’s announcements culminated in the full realization of that direction. As their recent acquisition of Loom fully takes its place with the other products, deeper and asynchronized work is on the horizon. With the introduction of video and screensharing capabilities bolstered by AI editing and the ability to be searched through Rovo search (mentioned above), collaboration across time zones has never been easier or more polished.

Being our first Atlassian Team international conference, our team was very impressed by the incredible marketplace and solution partners that we met during our time there.

The variety of capabilities is honestly endless and Clovity looks forward to engaging with more of these partners over the next few months for our private and public sector projects. This diversity in their ecosystem is something that I think makes them stand out the most from other software companies and it is something I believe we will continue to rely more on in the future. We were also super honored to be added to the Emerging Partner Roundtable meeting the first day of the conference where we got to meet other fast growing partners as well as give feedback to Atlassian leadership on how to enhance collaboration between them and us. Atlassian really takes the time to listen and incorporate feedback which as a growing partner we feel grateful for them taking the time to take those opinions in.

We look forward to an exciting year with Atlassian and the amazing folks that we met during the event! Can’t wait to see all we can accomplish together.

By Cameron Starman, Senior Director @ Clovity

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