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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Unified process to streamline communication and collaboration between all verticals and departments of an enterprise.

Using modern approaches such as Lean Startup and Design Thinking, Clovity’s Product Engineering solutions bring together business, customer, and technology perspectives. We create strategies by bringing together business, customer, and technology perspectives.

In today’s market, scientific research and testing are the prime moving forces behind product innovation. Through Product Engineering, Clovity shifts the emphasis, or a part thereof, to revitalizing engineering disciplines.

Clovity is focused towards providing visibility of product.

Our Product Engineering solutions enhance performance by integrating data, knowledge, and business processes, and making them accessible across your extended enterprise.

We specialize in a wide range of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions - from product conceptualization to design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and finally retirement. We work on cutting edge PLM products to provide services and solutions across industry verticals.

This unique approach helps us cut down on execution time, increase operational efficiency, improve on-time delivery, and reduce design and production rework. Of course, we also practice Agile Product Design and Development.

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IoT Enabled PLM

Preparing and enabling your product lifecycle.

We are living in a world of disruption. On a daily basis, a hoard of new technologies are disrupting practices that have been established for decades. Some of the usual suspects are Big Data, Messaging, and Mobility, and, most importantly, Internet of Things.

These trends have been spearheaded by the explosive growth of electronics and software in the past couple of decades. Although they started out as two separate aspects, hardware and software are coming together in ways barely anticipated.

Connected devices are the future and they are changing the way we interact with customers.

There’s a fine balance that enterprises need to adopt when integrating IoT and PLM. And that’s where we come in. With the use of Machine Learning and IoT data, we are able to garner unique insights into customer requirements and monitor product performance in real life.

We leverage IoT in the following ways —

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO): Through extensive use of sensors, we establish a rich data foundation, which optimizes future service schedules and reduces maintenance costs

Requirements Management: Learning customers’ product usage patterns and predicting when a product function may or may not be in use helps us manage future requirements with much more ease.

Product Performance Monitoring: We monitor and manage data streams from multiple connected devices and leverage the information to fine tune how the products interact with each other and with the customer. The emphasis is on using multiple data sets to optimize performance of the product.


Bringing Agility to Product Engineering

Leveraging agile product lifecycle management methodology to enhance enterprise business processes.

Applying Clovity’s in house agile methodology in conjunction with the proprietary “Synthesis” framework to PLM results in technical excellence based on enhanced conceptual designs.

Agile also helps identify problems/corrections faster and correct them on the fly. Over a period of time, the adjustment time falls, allowing improvements to be made more quickly with each iteration/pivot.

We use industry accelerators to increase ROI and reduce go-live period.

Clovity’s groundbreaking “Synthesis” framework is a crucial part of your PLM framework. Synthesis enables optimized delivery mix that visibly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Digital PLM

Incorporating disruptive technological process into the overall PLM methodology.

Digitization is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. For decades industries have tried to develop more automated product development data and workflows. Digitization is also a constant process and those who adopt soar through. Those who don’t, fall behind.

Product innovation and development is at the forefront of the new technology wave.

Clovity brings digitization and automation to PLM processes, increasing their effectiveness and thus generating a much higher ROI on Research and Development spending.

We incorporate digital enablers — social, mobile, analytics, and cloud — to enhance the way PLM processes are handled and executed. The results are significantly more rapid, scalable, intelligent, and connected.

This is also due to the fact that Clovity’s digital PLM techniques, implemented through agile practices increases responsiveness both within and beyond the enterprise.

Digital PLM is the only way to achieve real-time visibility, actionable insights, and decision making based on analytics, cognitive tools, and smart apps.


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