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Clovity's product testing creates quality products leading to higher user adoption and satisfaction.

Product Testing is as critical as Product Planning and Development and an integral part of the Product lifecycle. A product to be successfully accepted and adopted in the market, it is of utmost importance that the product is thoroughly tested and is done right the first time. Apart from functionality, performance, security, scalability and reliability are the other critical parameters that define the products robustness drive the user adoption. With the advent of IoT, Digital software products are getting complex and so are the testing techniques and technologies. This leads to constantly increasing demands from the quality team and within tight release cycle constraints.

There are multiple approaches to product testing, however effective testing of complex products is a mix of processes, checklists and most importantly investigation, trouble shooting and critical analysis; and not merely following standard procedure.

Some of the key software product testing services we provide are:

  • Validation Testing
    • Configuration validation
    • Black box testing
    • Usability, accessibility testing & analysis
  • Functional Testing
    • Unit testing
    • Smoke testing (sanity testing)
    • Integration testing (top-down integration testing, bottom-up integration testing)
    • Regression testing
    • Content testing and verification
  • System testing
    • Security testing
    • Stress / Load testing
    • Performance testing
    • Compatibility testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Wearable Testing
  • Globalization/ Localization testing

At Clovity, we consider product testing as an integral part of product development because it enables creating and managing delivering quality products leading to user adoption. Our Testing and QA engineers utilize leading edge test methodologies and techniques to develop high coverage test suites and specialize both in manual and automated testing of web application and mobile products.

App Testing

Clovity offers an expansive, all-inclusive app testing service that ensures your app is doing what it’s meant to do.

Make your mobile App unique. Let it stand out in the crowd by making it user- friendly and virtually error free. We believe that good design aesthetics and exhaustive testing are key to making a truly successful app.

Our use of holistic app testing practices, coupled with integrated multi-level, multi- system emulators, ensures that your app is capable of dealing with the hugely fragmented smartphone industry.


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