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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Solutions to minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and optimize operations across the board for your enterprise.

Every business has a handful of core operations. The health and working of these operations — individually and together — dictate the overall functioning of the enterprise. It’s imperative, then, that these core operations are protected and well-maintained, to ensure the smooth running of the overall organization.

Enterprise applications are designed to preserve these core business values.

With the use of platforms such as "SAP, Workday, Manhattan, Informatica and Oracle", our developers are able to seamlessly integrate your company into the existing enterprise applications. Our wide and extensive domain knowledge helps you achieve better productivity at a lower cost.

SmartERP can be a huge value addition to your organization. With a team that includes some of brightest minds from the fields of business analysis, development, and application architecture, we are able to provide high quality of application management, tech support, release and change management, application enhancements, and a wide variety of vendor applications.

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Agile Applications

To keep your enterprise solutions relevant in a rapidly changing market

To maximize potential in the digital world, all enterprise architectures must be flexible. Clovity has an expertise in balancing innovation with change, making our enterprise applications stable and unique at the same time.

Modern business is overwhelmingly digital, and the digital market changes very quickly. Using adaptive technologies, refuting age old techniques, and a willingness to bypass the established norm is what sets Clovity’s services aside.

We’re ready to embrace change as it happens and that’s the core of our agile applications.


Cloud ERP

To sustain Business Critical processes over an extended period of time and across verticals

Clovity’s implementation of enterprise solutions is capable of creating sustainable results. By using a multitude of backup programs and integration processes, we ensure that the enterprise solutions we offer are fail-safe, future ready, and robust enough to run the long miles.

The way Clovity uses Cloud ERP is one such solution we’re proud of.

Moving to a Cloud-based ERP system can really bring down the cost of quality without compromising on the standard of output. As compared to legacy ERP solutions, Cloud ERP solutions are a lot more scalable and mobile-friendly in nature. Moreover, Clovity’s expertise in implementing such solutions will help ease the transition and save valuable resources.


IoT and ERP Solutions

To update the way enterprise resources are managed so that they can harness the incredible power of Big-Data and IoT.

IoT has empowered producers with the ability to keep track of their product even after it’s been sold. Now they have an insight into not just the sales figures, but also the usage figures. Product developers can now see how customers actually interact with their products.

This unique insight can change the way resources are allocated and distributed.

With Clovity’s ingenious implementation techniques, you can really control and shape the way ERP works for you. And by moulding it around all the data that IoT generates, we ensure that the ERP solutions are up-to-date, relevant to your needs, and capable of adapting to your changing needs ahead of time.


Mobile Solutions

To bring your organization at par with the industry standards in mobility and portability.

Analysts are already predicting a huge mismatch between the demand and supply of available development capacity. In context of this massive talent crunch, it becomes even more crucial that enterprises allocate their resources with better efficiency. And that’s what Clovity’s implementation of Mobile Solutions helps you achieve.

Another pressing issue with incorporating Enterprise Solutions is that of security. The rise of BYOD and wearable tech has only compounded the issue further. When we build/implement an Enterprise Solution for you, we make sure that it passes the highest standards of safety. Thus, Clovity provides you with solutions that are mobile and secure.


Robotic process automation (RPA) Solutions

Enabling Your Enterprise Through Automated Technologies

Automation is quickly become a massive growth engine for companies large and small. By enabling workforces to reduce mundane tasks, alleviate data entry, create connection between disparate systems, and ensure data integrity, RPA has become integral to ensuring employees can focus on higher value tasks. Basically these automation technologies can replicate manual tasks often being taken care of by employees working within user interfaces at a much faster rate and level of accuracy.

At Clovity, our emphasis has always been on workforce enablement through cutting edge technologies. By creating next generation processes for our customers, such as RPA, we enable them to achieve self-sufficiency, increase productivity, and drive employee satisfaction. As with many new technologies, there is a certain level of thought leadership when it comes to the uses and capabilities they harness. The RPA experts at Clovity work with both business leaders as well as other stakeholders to derive ultimate ROI by selecting the right automation techniques and tools for the use case. Clovity’s experts are trained on RPA products like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UI Path to ensure the highest value is delivered to our customers seeking to automate certain parts of their business. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the resources they need and the understanding to get the most out of their Automation roadmap.


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Clovity is a True Agile Partner and focused on Banking, Healthcare, Retail & Technology driven industries to bring about transformation through customer success. Our deep Industry expertise, hand and glove partnering and leading IoT, Digital and Data transformation projects and powered by our solutions, plug and play, partner ecosystem and accelerators, we are delivering our client's customer promises.

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IoT investments - CSensorNet is your answer!

At Clovity, we believe that providing reliable, scalable and innovative solutions is the only way for guaranteed customer satisfaction. We analyze every problem as one element of a greater system, and combined with our solution accelerators and plug & play frameworks along with understanding of our customer ecosystem is the only way on how everything comes together with faster time to market for any product launch. Only by listening to the end user can we provide optimized solutions that solve the specific needs of the industries we serve. With ever more customers requiring ever more sophisticated solutions, only innovations tailored by informed thought leadership and solutions can provide customers with next generation cutting edge project solutions and platform - CSensorNet.

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