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COVID-19: Sailing Through Unprecedented Times



COVID-19 has forced businesses to protect their employees through complete lockdowns and potentially creates risk by disrupting the way they operate and support customers. Crisis mode and the strategies utilized to set up remote work can introduce immediate vulnerabilities. This can be due to potential higher rates and longer terms of sick leave, work that is offshore, and/or shifting work models that need immediate attention. This has hit all types of businesses, regardless of vertical or industry, requiring immediate changes to "Business as Usual", support to sustain the current business initiatives, and work continuity.

Similar types of initiatives are becoming prevalent in the Healthcare industry. Major cities across the US require extended technical support for first responder and volunteer devices that are currently being on-boarded and utilized to treat the infirmed population. Hospitals are now 'remote' or 'make-shift' requiring square footage for thousands of new beds.  For each patient bed added, there is an additional technical requirement for devices to work outside of the traditional 4 walls of hospital which, at the current moment, are overflowing and attempting to manage patient ‘surges’.

Clovity is ready to help any industry look differently at emergency situations by creating flexible, crisis-resilient ecosystems with the main purpose of supporting robust and reliable IT frameworks. Whether it’s creating ‘pop-up’ IT command centers to support tactical war-room planning or delivering portable Wi-fi and base stations for remote work, Clovity has it covered. We are able to securely deploy infrastructure and IT support for mobile and devices like printers, desktops, iPads, or any other proprietary connected device, all without the traditional hospital setting.


Clovity can ramp-up your Workforce crisis plan

The benefit of setting up an outside team to facilitate and support the remote workforce is that it allows scaling of enterprise-level teams and increases technical support that is vital during this pandemic. Support for the most important users can be provided behind the scenes with 100% coverage of critical systems and devices, ensuring they are working and dependable during a time of crisis. Some of our packaged support teams can provide:

  • Business continuity and monitoring of systems that are needed for remote hospitals or care facilities
  • Hardware support for connected devices and digitally-secured desktops for remote workers
  • 24x7 remote call support for technical issues
  • Provide Wi-Fi connectivity and support for secured connected device data in remote, new virtual, as well as physical locations
  • Quickly and easily scale with a hosted cloud environment for secure applications that support remote workers and systems

How Clovity can help?

Clovity is a technical supplier and solutions provider entrusted by multiple Fortune 100-500 companies in a wide swath of verticals. We have provided digital, cloud, network and data services to the healthcare industry for several years and currently assists our clients with building complex IT infrastructures, enterprise-grade systems, and connected healthcare environments. COVID19 is quickly pushing hospitals to their brink both physically and technically. Clovity can quickly set up mobile technical stations that connect mobile devices, printers, workstations and other connection-enabled hardware to network services. Our teams can travel, be on-site, or virtually assist via web cams enabling support for employees with all technical aspects of remote working, while ensuring employee safety and data security.


Long Term - Pandemic Proof Implementations

The Clovity IoT and CSensorNet Platform team can provide significant benefits to healthcare workers and government agencies through the use of our platform and connected devices. Analysis of collected data ascertained through connected and digital experiences can be quickly implemented to help coordinate as well as further understand the situational parameters being faced while fighting the COVID19 pandemic.

  • Tracking masks, ventilators, and face shields with embedded GPS devices to ensure accurate tracking of where medical equipment is physically located, helping with backlog estimates, and forecasting need for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE's) and ventilators.
  • Integration of Logistics web applications for hospital morgues enabling the contracting, hiring, and tracking of refrigerated trailers.
  • Appointment based apps and smart parking lot cameras allowing patients to stay in their car and be systematically called up to receive remote, drive-thru testing instead of creating a traffic and logistical nightmare with only a single line of citizens waiting to be tested. (Like a dining experience, you park and when your table is ready you get buzzed.)
  • Develop an app for communities who are producing masks and connect them to the local hospitals that need them. Currently this is being done organically with people dropping things off to the hospitals but inevitably creating more crowds.
  • Infected individual tracking done through mobile GPS and Bluetooth. Once a person has tested positive, a link is sent to their mobile device giving acknowledgement to be tracked for safety purposes. This will give visibility into where a positively infected person has gone and alerts officials to whom else they may have also infected.
  • Launch telehealth systems and smart cameras that allow doctors around the country to perform diagnosis of patients via Skype, Zoom or similar Facetime messaging platform. Doctors will then be able to ascertain and communicate the proper reaction to the symptoms digitally. This will decrease the amount of patients showing up to hospitals and ensure severe symptomatic patients get the help they need.
  • Antibody test outcomes - tracking the outcomes of positive antibody outcomes and share with the public as well government.
  • Using AI and cameras placed within the hospital themselves, a real-time status of available beds and average length of stay can be understood through analytics of collected data. This will help hospitals forecast, prepare for a surge, and understand what their trend will likely be.

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COVID-19: Sailing Through Unprecedented Times