Sneak Peak into rest of 2018 and Innovation @Clovity

The past few quarters and years, we saw the world moving towards AI, Advanced Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Blockchain and now we are ready to ring in yet another exciting quarter and second half of the year very soon with disruptions that continuous to change the face of the IoT world!

B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps & solutions is expected to reach $296.8B by 2020 according to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG)”. From a global markets standpoint, on one hand there are hardware vendors where eventually the market with get consolidated towards Asia due to cost pressures and on the other end there are Cloud vendors where Azure, Google, Oracle and AWS will hold majority of the market share.

There are two big opportunities which are emerging as a result of this:

1. Industry and/or segment focused products leveraging AI/ML which integrates hardware on one end and cloud on another.

2. Enterprise and corporates tapping in to leverage/unleash the power of IoT, AI/ML and integrating their customer experience omni-channels with enterprise backbone/ERP to make customer experience as real time as possible and taking forecasting to next level.

In both of the above opportunities, their is a very high demand for a focused IoT Solutions Provider and System Integrator that understands this space end-to-end from business, technology and architecture perspective and additionally have understanding of enterprise applications and integrations. These forms the genesis for the Innovations@Clovity!

2018 Focus & Beyond

As the industry strides into IoT space with services and product solutions, Clovity is helping enterprises and technology product companies quickly realize greater business outcomes and are creating new business models based on possibilities harnessed from big paradigm shifts in technology as it advances towards unleashing the complete power combination of IoT, Big Data and Cloud.

In coming quarters, Clovity intends to stretch its bandwidth by focusing not just on new innovations but also on an expansion of the customer market ranging from the RetailTech, FinTech, HealthTech as well as manufacturing. It will also empower more technologies to bump up security, invest in Artificial Intelligence skills to achieve higher customer satisfaction, utilize Blockchain to increase business avenues for its customers, as well further invest in its services focused around Cloud Management & Migration.

A Higher Degree of Meshed Technologies

We are pioneering in utilizing Cloud for storing and exchanging data & information while using sensors to minimize inventory damage and ensure that the all analytics are being delivered in a timely manner and ensuring robust production level edge compute solutions are delivered across focused industry group.

Going forward, we also plan to expand our data by using analytical processes of Machine Learning along with Artificial Intelligence. ML/AI are the new advancements that we hope to invest more time in so we can provide more scalable solutions that are not just highly transparent with real time reporting but also highly predictive.

2018 — The Game Changer

This year will be the game changer for us as we further utilize IoT Solutions to integrate with the Enterprise Resource Planning and other enterprise integration that will help us unleash IoT advantages to the fullest with Fortune enterprises.

If you’ve ever spoken to us, you’ll immediately know that we are huge advocates of saving time and money, and therefore our Plug and Play Platform and will continue to harp on that in the New Year as well. Clovity Product Framework expansion of CSensorNet which integrates with any device/wearable & CDataInsights which allows Predictive Analytics on the go will allow you to witness a great expansion in this industry as well. And finally, we aspire to continue the disruption by shining light on the subjects of Blockchain and IoT and collaborate to continue building more reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

The Competitive Edge

Clovity ensures that it continues to deliver the top of the class IoT solutions and remain competitive in the industry by being innovative and do what it has always done best; provide solutions with the core of ensuring we are constantly achieving optimum customer satisfaction. Our goal continuous to be: How to add “more value to customer” and “reduce overall cost for solution delivery” and we constantly invest and innovate tools and solutions to provide the same.

At Clovity, we believe our customers are our core strength and therefore, we continue to expand our horizons by striving to stay updated with the best of the technology and continue to provide our customers with the best IoT solutions. We know and understand the power of technology and strive through a mesh of digital experiences, connected devices, edge compute, cloud solutions, data analytics and machine learning. We are anxiously looking forward to rest of 2018 and beyond with all these tasks on our hand and hope to continue being your Top IoT Solution Provider along with the Top System Integrator.

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