InnOvaTion: Clovity’s 2020 Vision

I wanted to take a moment as we enter this new decade to wish our clients, partners, and the Clovity team a very exciting New Year. I hope you all had a restorative Holiday season. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work alongside you and discover the bounds of technological progress. I look forward to a very busy and another successful year with all of you. Thank you for your trust and your partnership. All of you help to make us who we are as a company and as a team. 

It is a new decade, and a new world. Technological innovation has brought us major leaps and bounds in the last two decades for both capability as well as quality of life. As a society, we sit on the precipice of a new age of automation and connectivity once only realized in science fiction, now being driven in reality by IoT and AI. As we take this step into our new future, we must step with confidence and tact to ensure the maximum benefit is derived from this venture into relatively uncharted territory.

As some might know, Clovity has always driven incessantly towards innovation and industry disruption. This has been no small feat but in all, a labor of love. In just the last few months Clovity has greatly increase their partnership with Microsoft, won an IoT Breakthrough Award for 2020, launched an IoT-as-a-Service model, released the most robust iteration of our CSensorNet IoT platform to date, and is in process of rolling out several Hardware Bundles with some of the biggest OEM providers in the IoT ecosystem in Q1 of this year.

Microsoft & Clovity Partnership Joint Webinar

Whether it was the Microsoft IoT in Action joint webinar or it is the continual co-marketing pilot program we are collaborating with the Microsoft teams on, the end of this year has been extremely exciting with all the opportunities Clovity is receiving to work closely with IoT focused tech giant – Microsoft. As two visionaries in the realm of IoT, this growing partnership could have not come at a more crucial time to the development of Clovity’s business. We are thrilled and honored to see where this budding partnership will take us.

Clovity Awarded IoT Emerging Company of the year for Enterprise Market

Truly, I don’t think that there is a better way to start out Clovity’s 2020 than with the announcement of us earning the prestigious “Emerging Company of the Year for Enterprise” from IoT Breakthrough. With over 3,700 IoT solutions from companies across the globe submitted, Clovity grabs one of the top awards out of 75 different categories spanning the IoT ecosystem. We will use this as a launchpad to jettison us further into the enterprise, industrial and smart city segments.

In addition to stronger partnership and recent accolades, Clovity took a progressive step towards modernizing the current IoT business model. Offering IoT-as-a-Service will revolutionize the way our clients utilize Clovity’s IoT product in the new decade. By providing hardware and software under one umbrella, as well as a common support platform for both upgrades as well as new modules at little to no cost, the value our platform provides will only increase over time. Going the IoTaaS route means that those utilizing our services get support and software upgrades automatically, with no additional costs but the monthly subscription.

CSensorNet offering IoT As A Service Business Model

The newest CSensorNet platform wave 2 release includes several major refinements and upgrades to Device Management modules, Sandboxing capabilities, and Workflow management tools. Introductions of Machine Learning algorithms, major updates to Reporting, and Edge Device Management modules have been added or upgraded enabling greater stakeholder notification customization, critical event updates, and rule based actions both distributed as well as orchestrated in real-time.

One of the most important features recently put into production is our Edge Device Management module that provides seamless Push & Pull workflows to edge devices (third party hardware, gateways & OEM’s) enabling automatic provisioning of intelligent edge devices out in the field remotely. Through the introduction of Machine Learning algorithms that are able to be loaded directly on intelligent edge devices, Clovity looks to continue to drive IoT to where it has always been headed. Automated decision making and adaptation are the true purpose of connecting devices out in the field. Our new remote intelligent edge deployment and upgrading will enable seamless deployment and refinement of ML algorithms, retraining, and consistent adaptation to new data sets.

We are also proud to announce the upcoming release of several major hardware/software joint bundles with major Hardware manufacturers in the IoT space like Advantech, Lenovo, as well as other OEMs. Our goal has always been to offer holistic and low-cost packages to the cities and enterprises that Clovity is working with to develop IoT use cases. Now, by pulling all components under one umbrella including hardware, software, cloud, and connectivity, we enable our customers to quickly deploy on pre-configured devices as well as software ecosystems with much quicker ROI but without any of the added complexity. Each is fully integrated and tested end-to-end from the sensor to gateway, from network connectivity down to cloud, and finally ending at UI/UX experience.

Lastly, to accompany our new platform upgrades and numerous announcements, Clovity will be launching within the next month that will contain all the information and access that is needed for our clients and interested parties. It will provide access to our CSensorNet Configuration Platform, CDataInsights, and go in depth on how our CSN Edge Agent works fully integrated with multiple hardware and gateway providers. Make sure to follow our Clovity handles and keep an eye out for the announcement in the coming weeks!

As we look to 2020 and beyond, Clovity continues to explore the limits of innovation in IoT, AI and Big Data. Smart Cities will soon be seeing both UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UAM (Urban Air Mobility) which have to be precisely coordinated to ensure order and safety. We will look to utilize our platform and 5G to enable coordination between thousands of manned and unmanned vehicles as well as the infrastructure that it is maneuvering around.

Hope to see you all at CES 2020 and Distributech conferences! We’d love to meet with you if you are attending as well. Have a blessed and Happy New Year! 

By Anuj Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer @ Clovity, January 7th, 2020
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