Clovity's AI-Powered Computer Visioning at ENTELEC Conference & Expo: A Recap

Clovity’s AI-Powered Computer Visioning at ENTELEC Conference & Expo: A Recap

The ENTELEC Conference & Expo, held from May 9-11, 2023, provided an ideal platform for enthusiasts and industry leaders to showcase groundbreaking innovations in the Oil and Gas industries. As a prominent player in artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and smart infrastructure solutions, Clovity was thrilled to attend and speak at the expo among other notable participants.

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Clovity’s contributions to the conference centered around our revolutionary work in AI-driven computer visioning, which aimed to transform the surveillance and monitoring landscape. By injecting AI into existing cameras and smart infrastructure, Clovity enhances operational efficiency, reduces regulatory costs, and lessens environmental impact. In addition, our Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina, played a key role as a panelist, shedding light on Intelligent Video Edge solutions for automating EPA reporting.

AI in Computer Visioning: Empowering Smart Infrastructure:

csensornet clovityAt the ENTELEC Conference & Expo, Clovity presented its groundbreaking AI in computer visioning technology for various industries, including oil and gas, refineries, and smart asset management. By leveraging our proprietary CSensorNet platform, Clovity demonstrated how AI integration with existing cameras and infrastructure could yield tangible benefits such as automation, analytics at the edge, and cost reduction.


Reducing Fugitive Emissions and Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

One of the key highlights of Clovity’s AI-powered computer visioning solution was its ability to address industry environmental challenges. By identifying and tracking fugitive emissions, including black smoke, methane leaks, and liquid leaks, the technology offers real-time visibility into remote locations. This proactive approach allows oil and gas operators, refineries, and other stakeholders to not only minimize environmental impact but also comply with federal regulations at all times. 

Real-Time Automation and Analytics: Driving Operational Excellence

Through the integration of AI and IoT, Clovity’s solution offers real-time automation and analytics capabilities. By automating labor-intensive processes and providing actionable insights with the help of CSensorNet, end users can gain enhanced visibility and control over their assets and operations. This broad approach prompts improved decision-making, reduced downtime, and increased operational efficiency.


Chris Medina’s Expertise on Intelligent Video Edge Solutions

Clovity’s Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina, was a panelist at the Intelligent Video Edge Panel Discussion at the conference. Medina shed light on the potential of optical solutions for automating EPA reporting, specifically Method 9/Method 21/22. What are EPA Method 9 and Method 22? These are two techniques used by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for emissions monitoring and compliance.

Method 9 is a visual observation technique for assessing the opacity of emissions from stationary sources like smokestacks. Trained observers compare emissions against a standardized opacity chart to determine air pollution levels.

Method 22 focuses on visually detecting fugitive emissions from equipment leaks. Trained observers use specific techniques and equipment to identify and record the presence and intensity of emissions, aiding in compliance with regulations.

Both methods are important for monitoring emissions, identifying sources of pollution, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Chris Medina at the Entelec Conference and Expo 2023By leveraging AI and intelligent video edge technologies at Clovity, these reporting processes are easily streamlined, ensuring accurate and efficient compliance with regulatory standards.

Clovity’s participation at the ENTELEC Conference & Expo 2023 showcased how injecting AI into existing cameras and smart infrastructure provides powerful tools that reduce operating costs, comply with federal regulations, and minimize environmental footprint. With our cutting-edge technology solutions in IT and IoT, Clovity is driving innovation in the realm of intelligent video-edge solutions, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future.


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