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With IoT becoming part and parcel of life, the range of form factors expands continually. Smart Watches, Wearable cameras, fitness trackers, GPS tracking devices or smart clothing - each form factor has its unique requirements. As with all good things, there are challenges attached, Wearable Testing is no different.

Wearable Testing presents several unique challenges for development and Testing teams. With varying models and brands configurations, integrated devices with sensors, wearable devices are typically controlled by an app installed on a primary device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The communication between app and wearable communication is critical, and connectivity a primary concern. Other critical points to be considered for Wearable Testing are screen size, battery life and display visibility.

While conceptually, Wearable Testing is not very different from traditional testing, there are many nuances which need to be factored in to make Wearable Testing holistic and full proof. For example, functional tests need to consider test environment, as majority of the wearable apps are targeted for both indoor and outdoor use and depend on several highly sensitive sensors. Performance and load testing approach needs to incorporate different network connectivity strengths and distance between the wearable and the device with the app. It is highly critical to ensure that there is no personal information leakage when the information is passed from the app to the wearable or from the wearable to the cloud. Localization requirements enforce that the testing team verifies that all translations display properly on the wearable and that it performs well under local network and environmental conditions. Testing on adequate number of devices in varying environments is a critical element of the test approach.

We at Clovity give utmost importance to these minute details and develop a comprehensive and robust test plan approach which addresses each of these points. Our well thought of and tailor made quality testing framework for Wearable testing ensures that each of these challenges are addressed given the client specific needs and requirements.


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