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Job Description

Sr. DevOps Engineers

Location: Lansing, MI
Experience: 5+ years
Track: Consulting
Practice: Digital

About Us:
Job Description:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related technical field OR related experience
  • Experience in scripting automation solutions.
  • Experience using source code management.
  • Experience implementing integrated build and deployment systems
  • Experience with an artifact repositories.
  • Experience with configuration management and orchestration tools and techniques
  • Is self-directing in daily work and priorities
  • Previous development or system administration roles and responsibilities
  • Experience with high security environments such as Finance, Healthcare, Defense, etc
  • Experience with transformation to containers and cloud solutions
  • Ability to train others in individual or group settings.
  • Experience with Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe)
  • Strong understanding of cloud concepts and 5+ years of working in a cloud environment (aws, azure, google cloud, openstack)
  • Strong understanding of security concepts; certificates, auth tokens, ssl, ad, sso concepts, etc
  • Strong understanding of procedural and object oriented coding / scripting. Someone who has spent time on a development team building source code
  • Strong understanding of linux environment. Knows bash, ubuntu, redhat, etc.
  • Understanding of Docker, lxd’s, lxc’s, vm’s. Should come along with cloud computing, but would be nice if they have used docker before
Our Benefits:
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